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Welcome to! Nevada’s Full-Service Awards Company.

Our business expertise spans 29 plus years serving the Las Vegas, Nevada area, in addition to serving most areas of North America. We specialize in creating innovative Awards and Gifts to accommodate your needs and fit your budget. Employees, Clubs and Charitable Organizations like to reward extraordinary achievements with Awards that express their true gratitude, which often inspire and motivate recipients to strive for even higher goals.

A. Flamingo Glass and Engraving, is equipped with State-of-the-Art technology. Our goal is to help you design and create the highest quality and economically-efficient Award. All members of our Management Team are Certified Recognition Masters. Our continued growth has been a result of maintaining a consistent and unprecedented high level of Customer Service and Quality. We look forward to being of Service to you, your Company, Club or Organization.

Business Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 am to 5 pm, Friday 7 am to 2 pm or by appointment, when available.

Holiday Hours:

( Christmas Season Holiday Closure Times )

We will close Fri. Dec. 20th at 2:00pm through Jan. 1st:

We will reopen on Jan.2nd at 9:00 am.

Please have a Wonderful Holiday Season with your Family and
Friends! Enjoy your Family and be kind to all, all the time..

Enjoy!     Sorry for any inconvenience!  Thank You!

Days of Interest:   Days of Interest:  Hanuklah, Dec. 23rd.